1st year 2nd semester


to be honest, I saw the frequent visit of my blog visitors everyday, lately. THANK YOU so much for visiting my blog whenever you have time to do so and SORRY for not updating anything for the past few days… as you can see from the title of this blog, I’ve been busy, focusing and preparing myself for the new semester and spending my time at it fullest at home and now, I miss my home more than I can imagine (blame the 3 months holiday *sad face*).

it’s been three days after i flew from home, unpacking & buying groceries. Seriously I have no idea that i have sooooo manyyy stufff to unpack. it’s leceh. Due to influence of Harry Potter series on HBO back home, how I wish I’m a wizard and I can swing my wand to arrange all my stuff to the wardrobe.


next .. TADAAAA!!! I’m so grateful for this, my housemate went to Osaka, Japan during the summer break and she knew how much I love green tea and she bought this for me. Can you see how much she loves me. LOL. perasan japp. 


next, my notebook for the new semester. I could cry watching cute stuff and I have no doubt grabbing these books at Kaison few months ago, and I’ve been waiting for so long to use these for my classes to add a little cuteness during my stressful unilife. hee. okay, over.


lastly, playlist. love. Suddenly I’m a fan of Ryan Mccartan, no doubt, he’s handsome *wink.


p/s : sorry for this lame update. i’ll write more after this. surely. Actually I lapar while writing this post, that’s why i came out lame as lame as my tummy. HEHE


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