whenever they say it is easy .. 

I live up with big expectations from my family. Since my brother and I are the first MY’s grandchildren, the pressure is on us. Score well, straight A’s, science class.. but, i think the pressure is more on me, cause I have to compete with my brother, he knew how to read first, he knew how to read the jawi first, the quran, everything, and our one year gap adding more impact on me. It’s sucks. The list goes on,,, sports and academic, my brother leads everything.

fast forward, now my brother is following my mom’s footsteps.. but me, taking accounting & finance course here. Like hello. Hi. 

My uncles and aunties think that accounting is easy. No it isn’t. Seriously, it’s not. No. I still don’t get it where the “easy” word comes from.. no matter what courses that you take, there’s no easy, there are hardwork & determination. 

Recently, there’s a girl, my junior, mengadu about how hard accouting is, and she cannot cooperate with her tutorial lecturer. At that state, I can’t give any tips to her, cause I was in her place too, the only thing that I do, is studying. There’s no shortcut… if you’re hoping for a miracle, miracle does come with a hardwork. 

Never give up… #notetomyself


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