stage fright? well well well. dont talk to me. of course, I am.

this semester I have 2 biggest presentations. no jokes. thinking back, fuhh. i survived. without failure (forgetting few sentences, but, still, OKAY).

the night before the presentation day, believe me, i’m the most confident girl ever, knowing my script, i knew what i’ll talk about, i’m ready. in addition, calling my mom some more, for restu. 

but, on the day itself, when my team take the stage, mannnn… heart attack? i think my heart doesn’t knew how to beat properly at that time. but, my tips, i always have this mantra “just one go, just one go, do your best, this day will passed.” and that’s it.

but, before that, you know what the hardest thing? when i have the worst team members  ever. *cries* . i can’t do nothing about this tho. it’s the challenges kan, itsokay, still survived. whenever you are in this situation, just do your part, the best as you could, dont rely on others, yes its teamwork but sometimes people like this,.. emm.. face it ja la. 

but in the end, most important thing, is what i gain from it, confident. and i still have stage fright, but, i know how to handle it now.

*drop mic*



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