is it because of stress?

i can feel it, that the love is: empty.

i’m not sure, what to say nor to type.

it it because of my voice?

sorry, i was created this way, there is nothing i can do, to change my voice.

is it because of my body weight?

sorry, i am the lazy *ss girlfriend that can’t be your jogging partner as you wanted to.

is it because of my travel experience?

sorry, my mom is super duper busy working to raise my brother and i, that when she’s on her leave, we just cherish our time fully at home cause we know how tired she is.

is it because of my result?

sorry that i’m not intelligent enough to argue facts with you.

sorry that i can’t fulfil your standard that deserve any praises from you.

well, neither do you,. so you can take your steps and walk through the door, i’ll held it for you.

don’t be afraid to hurt me. just let me..go. set me free. i’m waiting.. 



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