Eid 2016


#eid2016 is the most memorable eid for me as a teenager.

This year I celebrated Eid with my mom after 2 years she’s not coming home for Eid.

This year I was reunited again with my best friends.

And this year I can planned what-to-wear-during-eid smoothly. Matchie-matching is my thing.😝

And this year for the first time ever, my family does the ‘Eid Open House’ #MYfamilyopenhouse . Man…, it was tiring but it’s all worth it. Seeing my family and friends come to our house and get to know each other was beautiful. I was glad to bring my best friends to meet my mom/family cause they will always have that doubt who’s my friends are.

But.., There’s a pro’s and cont’s

I can’t reach my target during Ramadhan. So sad though. And.. I don’t want to talk about it 😪.

And before my brother went back to his hostel, he ask me to bake some cake (requested since ramadhan😅 actually), okay cheese-kut ready to go. I feel glad when people appreciate my cake.

Lastly, my ultimate-favourite pineapple tart was finished😩, it was my first love, maybe next raya i will learn my lesson and buy one balang of tart nanas only for myself! And now move on to my 2nd love,  kuih ehhh biskut ulat bulu🐛. #dreamingaboutpineappletarts

So…there he goes about my Eid2016. This is my first eid without bunga api and mercun.

Beach day 


After 17 years of living this was the first time i watch/touch/throw  starfish! 

I was so excited at first and my uncle said, atul what’s wrong with you? Why you never knew about start fish before?

I knew about starfish okay but i never got a chance to touch it because my mom kinda quarantine us from the beach. I’m hoping to see the starfish in colored one but nope, maybe i should learn diving, yeaa, maybe i should😁. 
xxoo, Alhamdulillah.