Whenever my brother has a girlfriend I will always be the one who will bantah everything about that girl. I was clingy, yes I know…and annoying too. I think my brother deserve someone better. And he always remind me that “it’s not your job to judge people” aucchh! 

We were in a short geteway that day and then he went away and said that he was looking for some marchandise while my mom and I waiting for iftar in a local restaurant. I know that he was looking a gift for his girlfriend, and I was like itsokayy laaa. Then he came back with a plastic bag with two white boxes inside it. I’m not interested to ask what he bought because I know like why should I have one kan? We were at the same place and why should I care about marchandise when I bought more than that simple thing. 

Then he said, “riom, abg beli something untuk kau.” The he gave me the white box. I opened it and I discover the pearls bracelet with pink beadings. I was like.. Pearl? I’m not into pearls, I’m more to gold and silver but orang da bagi.. And I learned to appreciate and accepted what people give to me. So I wear that bracelet until now. Still feeling awkward though😅. 

Then just now, when I passed a plate to my brother he keep looking at my wrist  and said ‘lawa gelang tu on your hand, ngam dengan warna kulit kau’.. Emm… 

Do you think it fits me, guys? 

P/s : oh his girlfriend got the purple colour. Mine and my signature colour will always be pink. Hee😊