Thank you for the bad one

In life, we’ve met a lot of friends. Some are good some are bad. There must be a reason behind everything right? 

As much as I want to thank all of my good friends but I want to thank my bad friends  first. They will never knew how they’ve change my life. I’m thankful enough to Allah because I still holding on on my “pendirian”. Allah shows me the light to see the good sight although sometimes I can be negative too. 

Bad things come in a different way, much too list down but whatever it is take the good thing only, only. How? Emm… Hard to tell but my brother always remind me “biar orang buat dekat kita, jangan kita buat dekat orang”.

Correct me if I’m wrong because I’m beyond perfeft too. I have many bad flaws to take care of whether I realize it or not. So, please be happy to help me in a soft way la, because I’m afraid if I get the bad comment I will *cries a river* 😁.



Well, well, well,

when it comes to budgeting i’m the most expert person on it,

i will do my best to keep stay in the budget, but apparently i’m the worst in saving *cries a river*

kudos to the one who invented many many many nice jubah and shirt and bag and VICTORIA’s SECRET!

i need to stay away from any internet connection. Sometimes internet can be my best friend and sometimes it can be my worst friend.

But i love internet. So much love. *perks of being born in 20th century*

There’s so many bad habit in my life. I love my mom, and i hate to feel that i’ve spending much much much money…… Haiihhh. I need to have a job and experience it by myself about of hard it is in gaining money. #IisHate