Okay, let’s start.

*what is my skin type?

-well, basically I have the combination skin type. Sometimes it get too dry and sometimes it’s get too oily. Especially on my T-zone. And during this hot weather in Malaysia, mostly it’s oily.

*my skin condition? 

-eemm… Not so bad, but I do have some breakouts like pimples here and there but not-that-bad. My pimples/acne don’t appear much but during my PMS totally it is something that I have to deal with. 

As a solution, I used this, the Body Shop Beautifying Oil(OLIVE OIL). This is totally my magic potion! I don’t use it on daily basis but if you really wanna know what “beauty sleep” is, totally this product is the answer. 

When I’m facing my PMS I don’t use any night cream on my face cause I think my face just need to rest but my face need to be heal too. So I just use this product, put it after cleasing my face and let my skin absorbed it. The awesome thing, even though it is oil based, you wouldn’t feel the stickiness at all. 

It’s totally worth the money. I got it almost a year already, I don’t use it everyday just when I’m having issues with my skin. And I only need few drops of it. Not that much. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4/5 stars. Highly recommended.

P/s : My decent picture of the product to show how long i have it with me until it buruk already. Hee. 

Pp/s : I forgot the price. SORRY. But you can always check it on their website.