I can’t sleep. 

I can’t, cause i never stop thinking about it.

Okay, someone asked me for a date. He’s just a friend of mine. And he already met my mom(even just for a minute and half šŸ˜‚). 

But now, he asked me..again. I don’t know. I’m new to this, even though I am 20 yrs old, but I’m still new at “dating”. 

Yeah, it’s mean nothing, and we are a friend, but….. 

then I asked my mom, bolehka? then she said, boleh if mama ikut.. *laughing* okayyy.. i think that’s a good sign from my mom. Anddddd i was brave + stupid enough to asked my brother anddd he’s reaction was not good, by i mean not good, it was bad. He keep silent for a-i-dont-think-the-clock-is-ticking and no answer.

Then i waited for a couple of conversations (about other things) then i asked him again, he diam and thinking for a moment *now i know silence can’t kill* then he said, “I’ve been out with many girls before, the first date thing, and imagining you becoming like those girls, talking random things, walking with the guy, I don’t think you are ready. If you are far away from us, i will be fine with it but as long as you’re here under my guardian, I don’t think i will allow you to do that”. 

Ohhh mannn. No means no. Right? Then he said, whoever the guys is, he should came up ready with few deadly questions from him. 

but….it just a date of a friend…but..still no.. 

#onefineday #notready 

A chance not chancesĀ 

ONE only one. I Don’t give second chances to people and vice versa, I don’t ask second chances from people. For me, the first time is the last time. 

You’ve choose and sometimes you lose the chance. So I wanted to make it clear, you choose to be with other girl other than me, then go on. But don’t aspect me to be the same person as I was when I’m with you. I might treat you nicely, but sorry not sorry, your words will mean nothing to me. 

Some advice, a girl no matter in what shape, what colour her skin is, she must know her self worth. Only lame guys asked for second chances, a real guy he will make his best since the beginning. 

P/s : this is my way. You must do your best in everything starting from the start.

Pp/s : don’t hilang and then pop-out like nothing happen, i look like I didn’t care but i know everything. Take your pride and don’t do the lame move by acting so innocent. The LIAR sign shows on your forehead. 

Ppp/s : going through the same examination for the second time, will be stressful..right?