Movie : Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck.

most of my friends asked me to watch this movie, and I never heard any bad reviews about it, but i don’t bother about this movie till today.

This movie leave a huge hole inside my heart. Totally worth the watch. Totally worth my time.

Too many life’s value inside it and yeah, i sound cliche but my advice, prepare some tissues or a box of tissues.,

true love doesn’t means that you have to be together, as long as the love lives truly inside your heart, you will never feel the emptiness or sadness, true love keeps you moving, no matter how many times you fall, get up and fight for a better life. It is what love does, it gives you hope, it gives you happiness, it shows you the way of life but it also give you saddness and sorrows, if you strong with it, the light will guide you to find other happiness in loving. Love doesn’t kill…the choice is ours, whether to rise or fall with it.. 

better late than never..

Screen Shot 2016-11-12 at 6.02.13 AM.pngi just discovered a very sweet c-drama. it was being aired in 2015/2014, not very sure, but it is not a recent drama. i just downloaded 12/33 episodes cause the wifi connection broke down, praying for the technical man to come as soon as possible.

did i watch all the 12 episodes? no, not yet. cause i want to watch this drama with my mom, cause moon lovers scarlet heart : ryeo broke our hearts. sob sob.. 

i cannot wait to balik rumah,, drama marathon with mama is the best. i miss those feelings.  i’ll be having my exam starting on monday and end on thursday, then i’ll fly home 5 days after that! still need to settle down/packing houses stuff cause it’s semester break, summer holiday anddd… yeah, need to stay back for 5 days. can wait to taste hometown foods. endless craving here.

i still can write any review about this drama yet, but still you guys can google it cause the feedback was very good. oh ya, the title.., (LOL it’s the main thing), the title is *drum rolls* BOSS and ME 🙂