what did I learn…?


i’m 19 now.., i learned something whether it’s good or bad one.. i’m writing this cause I one day I want myself to read it and remember this as a lesson..

here i’m listening to Tasha Manshahar’s Bukan Aku song.. OHGOD i love this song so much.. okay, i’ll start now,,

What will I said to my 12yrs old self right now..

sabarĀ (patient) : hold on kid, no need to rush in finding love, or creating the love story that you read from those novels. the truth is, people created the perfect love stories..and as a human being, you cannot do that in your life. being in love in such a young age forward, will create many problems. you will waste lots of money, time, loves… just focus on your study. NO NEED TO RUSH. you can live without a boyfriend in your live, you can survive being single, you can live hapily without a boyfriend.

people stabbed your back? yeah it’s true. don’t trust people easily #takenote. at the end you will walk your path alone. don’t share your deepest secret with anyone accept your family, others willing to listen, but they will use it as a weapon to bring you down at certain point.

people will break your heart. in any circumstances…they will.. i dont know how to prevent this, but, it will make you stronger. it will build yourself up. you just need the courage to face it, and never show your weaknesses to them.

take care of your body, don’t eat too much, dont sleep too much, work out regularly. nice body doesn’t build by its own.

listen to the elder’s advice. all of them worth it.

study..study..study.. that’s all that you need to do. the outside world will be very scary. you can face it with knowledge.

love your MOM & BROTHER, they are irreplaceable..

This girl…

Insecurities…yes, this girl lives with her insecurities every single day.

She never felt that she was pretty enough, good enough, kind enough… Because she saw the other girls are more and most pretty, beautiful, kind and intelligent mostly perfect than her.  

She believe in love but she never been in love. Because no men ever treat her right, they said they like her, and then the left her, they give up on her, they didn’t make any effort on her, she kept herself “undiscover” from any men because she doesn’t believe about men at the age she is right now. 

She doesn’t rush in relationship, she doesn’t care about the loneliness that she felt, she care about her heart and her priorities. 

She feels that she doesn’t deserve being in relationship with any man, because deep inside she still believe in her fairytale dreams, she believe that her prince charming is exist.

She might be lonely but she feels safe, she might be full of imperfection and she’s on her way correcting some of her imperfect spots. 

She’s waiting for her day, the day she’ll shine. The day her man sees her. They day she achieve her dreams, the day everything she did are worth it. 

She believe that Allah always by her side and she prayed every single day for Allah’s guidance on her journey.

Love one, don’t worry, I’m safe….I’m strong.