I’ve been here at 28gym for weeks. If you are my Line friends surely you know how I’m head over heels on my gym instructor. Like, he’s handsome.

And today, this will be my last day at that gym, because I’m moving or registering to other gym. Time to say goodbye Mr Gym instructor.

Can I say that this bruises because of him? HAHAHA.

Okay, here’s the story, he is a Karate “sensei/coach/sir?” , so he taught me some basic step on how to fight/defend myself by the Karate ways using the punch bag. “Okay it was the best moments ever! Eyes to eyes. Punch his hand, he’s holding my hand(to show the right position of my hands–don’t think too much) , aww, okay over!” 

Then after the TOTAL WORTH MY TIME MR GYM INSTRUCTOR, when I finished the lesson,

He asked me ‘okay ka?

-i was like, why should I not be okay kan? Then I said ‘okay‘(speechless-detected)

Then he said – ‘tu merah2 sda tangan

I was like wuuuuhuuuuuu!!!! Finally I have something to remind me about our lesson, like oh-i-don’t-care-at-all-on-my-bruises😍.

other story,

few days back i cut my hair, and I didn’t go to the gym because it was my “rest day”. Out of blue, when i was entering the gym, my eyes was directly spotted him, he just CUT his hair also! I was like #suratan/kebetulan . Ohmy. Now bye Mr. See you when I see you(99% we’ll never crossed our path again)


But frankly speaking when Trish(Divergent) got her bruises or when people got bruises after getting into a fight. I was like why? Biasaa jaa pun tumbuk2. And now I know, you will never know or notice the bruises that you make. It was painless until few hours after that😂 #lebamkut. 

Now bye Mr Gym, before I go too crazy over you better I make a move, #gymbukan1diduniaini #langkahselamat