Happy pin(s)

Call me crazy but my biggest dream for my future groom outfit is the Cinderalla’s prince outfit. Like I’m so in love to see my prince in that custom made prince outfit don’t question me, but I love+like songket also. 

Mmm, to have a prince like that, I have to push myself being the “perfect princess” .. Long way to go self.! 

-dreaming #dontjudge #uptoyoula #randompost #justsoyouknow 

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Waiting soul

This song almost make me cry. Okay I know it’s sound annoying, but what to do, I’m kinda “emotional” type of person -.- ,.

For me the lyrics was too deep. What if you have to break up with the one you love the most? You know what, I might be not in a relationship, but I knew that my heart love someone endlessly, and I’m afraid that I will loose him although I have no idea who he is but… Okay, I’m a total dreamer. But its my dream and no one can stop me from dreaming no metter how crazy I sound.

Future….ILOVEYOU. InsyaAllah.

Aim : HiGH

  One fine day, I know it’s all going to be worth it. There’s always be a rainbow after the rain.

So, actually I’m going to face my 1st mid-sem exam in another couple of weeks. I’m kinda nervous because I want to achieve my best. 

I’m a FIGHTER . xxoo


i’ve planned that i wanted to get married at the age of 23 yrs old( year : 2020)

reasons : 2 years of lovey dovey relationship after being married and when i’m turning 25 it’s the right time to have a baby(/babies?)

but I don’t know the future, maybe i’ll get married at the age of 28,30,40? well who knows?

i’ve planned to have a husband 5 years older than me.

reason : i like mature guy that care about his girl……..please be romantic.

but who knows, maybe i’ll marring someone who is 15years older than me / someone at my age..

the truth is I & U just don’t know what the future hold for us.

i do hoping some of the novel’s character will popped out and propose me but sadly real life didn’t turn out to be that way.

i pray and i ask every single day that it will turn out to be the best for me according to Allah’s plan.