Blame the time, blame the heart

Distracting myself from texting him, from remembering him by reading the Grey book, but still. He’s still there, in the heart and mind. Why…

I know it’s sound annoying but I still want to write about it. This kind of feeling is special. I haven’t feel it for so long… Missing, loving and move on. Fuhh. It’s isn’t easy. I thought it will be as simple as moving on from a crush, but it’sharder because   i’ve fall for him and deep inside I know that we can’t be together. So that’s why I’m enjoying the hurtful and the fun of these uncontrollable-emotion-changing-phase. We can’t change and we can’t control what’s the heart wants. So, other than crying till my eyes hurt lets enjoy it by smiling and bring all the feels towards him in my daily life. God. WHAT AM I TRYING TO SAY?

Emm… Whateves, I just want to express my feelings……

I remember the first moment I know about him and he knows about me. By wechat of course, I stalked his moments and saw his picture but no heart feelings at that time *picturing  his picture right now* ,
Blame my hormones! Bye.

The twist in life

I can’t remember the exact number about how many times my uncle asked me to read about this novel. I do found it insteresting based on his(my uncle) synopsis.

As for me reading something that out of my genre was kinda hard. Totally I prefer something with heart & flowers, and based on The Best Laid Plans’s cover surely it doesn’t cought my eyes from the first place. There’s a lot of reasons why I don’t want to read this book + my norrow minded brain by thinking that this book has a lot of sx scenario but believe me this book is totally clean compare to Fifty Shades of Grey which is my favourite trilogy 😑. *reason to read(1) : it’s kinda okay for underage readers*

What will you do when you were dealing with the can’t-sleep-don’t-know-what-to-do during the 2am? So, out of no where this book cought my attention and I wen’t to my book shelves and took the book, time to read it…. Did i tell you that I took the book from my uncles room few months back and the book become rusty on my book shelves? So, okay, i tell you. 

As a “reader” i kinda have the ability to read so fast.. Maybe because i’m familiar with all of those alphabet arrangement which lead to words.. Hee😬. So the i’ve finished reading the book in 3/4hours! Yups! 

The book has it’s own expector that will make you reach the end of the story with a what will happen next? questionssss…during your reading. please read(2) : wanted to know the end*

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for the book, highly recomended. 
P/s : i’m sleepy, will edit this post later, can’t arrange my words perfectly. There’s a lot i wanted to share about this book… Read it okay… Love. xxoo