oh my shoulder. 

i dont know why nor how i hurt my left shoulder. I thought it was simple (musle injury / bad sleeping position) but it lasted for days till today.

I love to laugh, and now i can’t even laugh, it’s hurt. I dont know why. I can’t sit or laying on my left side..I can’t laugh too much.. 😭

I tried googling about it, but, I can’t find my answers.. and I don’t go to the doctors cause it’s just a minor injury. Enough with my operation, medicines four years ago…i dislike hospital. So i’m trying my best to avoid the hospital😬.

I didn’t put any minyak panas or anything like that, I don’t know if urut will be helpful (I don’t know how) .. so i just stick with this ice pack on my shoulder for few minutes before bedtime.

Victim .


Basically , I know everything that can make me sick. Like sore eyes, sore throat, diarrhea and etc. During this kind of weather in Malaysia is ain’t no fun, the UV rays become more dangerous, even SPF 50 suncreen doesn’t help much to protect the sun’s tanning morever to the tempreture effect kan?

Few days ago, when I went for a short vacay with my family, we have chosen for a  beach short gateway. Palazzo , shades , awesome ootd was totally just a dream. 

The sun budge me guys.. Finally. I surrender with the sun. I always have a good relationship with the sun before, but nowadays after the too much exposure to the sun the first thing that crossed my mind was a nice icy-cold-colder-coldest drink. And you know what the effect to our body (ask the bio student). 

Sore throat , flu , fever , gastric hit me at once just at my first for college after the short holiday. How awesome is that huh? Totally Pain. At first I was so strong to fight the pain by just drinking plain water again and over again, but during the night it getting worse. 

Seriously I can’t function for the whole week, I only attending my tutorial classes and lecture after that I just wanted my sleep. I become so tired so lame so slow. It cut my appetite and so on. 

So whatever you do, think about your health. Wear mask if you can, drink plenty of plain water(not icy cold hah) and avoid too much exposure from the UV rays. 

Bye. xx

p/s : actully I’m tired of typing.